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Sound Card Driver Tool Free Download

(Out of 3408 Reviews)

Sound Card Drivers Update Tool

Developer Windows | Sound Cards
License / Price: FreeWare / Free Download
Size / Os: 5.1 MB/ Windows All
Driver Updated: Updated: May 21, 2015
Catagory: C: / Windows/ Drivers / Sound
Number of Downloads: 1,438,081 Downloads

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"...avoid potential problems by keeping your Windows drivers up to date, and Driver Detective is my favorite way to do just that."

Ryan Russell


Thanks for your help! I couldn't understand why my computer was so slow. I tried getting rid of the spyware and viruses, but I still couldn't get it running the way I wanted. Driver Detective made my machine run like new again. You guys are amazing!

Mark Thorpe
Dallas, TX

Great software! I was having some trouble finding the correct drivers for my printer. Driver Detective scanned my computer and found not only my printer driver but all of the latest drivers I needed.

Paul Williamson
San Diego, CA

Looking For Sound Card Driver Updates?

You have come to the right place. Sound card drivers allow your PC to communicate with your sound card, this communication is responsible for listening to music, watching movies, recording sounds or any other sounds your computer makes. If there is a problem with your sound card driver you may not have any sound, or sound may come out as choppy and distorted noises. Our download immediately scans all sound card drivers and upgrades outdated drivers with a click of a button.

Get the right driver the first time

Take the guess work out of driver updates and repairs by downloading the official sound card driver tool and discover the ease of 1 click repair technology. When you update your sound drivers you have to be careful to download the correct version. With so many different sound cards you run the risk of downgrading your audio capabilities, or worse completely messing up your system. It's best to update with a professional driver system that is recommended by the industry experts and 100% guaranteed to update your drivers simply, quickly and most importantly accurately.

Why you should keep your drivers up to date

NVidia releases new drivers every 30 to 60 days with no set schedule. This means once you have installed the updated driver you will still need to check every 30 days or so for the most updated sound drivers for the newest driver updates. Our official Windows sound card driver tool takes care of this instantly and consistently. As soon as new drivers are released for your computer we will update them and install on your permission. The result is like having an oil change on your PC and it keeps your system running smoothly and error free.

Sound Card Driver Free Download

(Out of 3408 Reviews)


Dave Says: May 11, 2015
works like a charm, thumbs up!

Jonathan W Says: May 12, 2015
Thanks for this, I was finally able to get my sound card working properly! I can actually stream music online now and everything is so much clearer and not choppy!

Anna Says: May 15, 2015
I wasn't sure why my music was so messed up, but then I tried this on a whim and it fixed it in about 2 minutes lol.

Zach Says: May 15, 2015

thanx dude, didnt know that drivers could fix my sound problems!! now browsing the internet is going super fast too! is that related to this driver update??

Admin Says: May 17, 2015

Hey Zach, sometimes sound cards driver errors can lead to other drivers not working properly. Updating your outdated or corrupt drivers will give you a richer and faster internet browsing experience.

Vid Surfer Says: May 19, 2015
Best thing I've ever downloaded, completely fixed up my computer sound problem! I was almost ready to throw this computer in the trash.

justine Says: May 20, 2015
ahhh thank you for this!! how come this simple fix isnt talked about all over the net?!?!